Afro-Centric Hair Problems

You walk into the superstore and browse through the shampoo aisle.

“For silky, straight hair”

“For dandruff-prone hair”

“Silky, straight hair is a wash away!”

You let out a sigh and go with the one for dandruff, despite not having any. This is because you can never find a brand that does justice to your natural, curly hair!

Let’s get one thing out of the way: afro-centric hair is unique and therefore, requires more care. Whether it’s taking out extra time to dry your hair in the morning, or avoiding blow dryers, you know how hard taking care of your natural curls can be.

While some avoid talking about these problems, others are dying to find someone who can relate!

With that in mind, here are a few hair care problems only us Afro-Centric people can understand:

Lunch Breaks Are For Hair Care Tutorials

It goes without saying that learning to take care of your own hair is a process. And that’s why YouTube has become your best friend during lunch at work. Despite having dealt with hair problems for years, it’s still amazing how little we know about our hair.

You try a new technique, only to wake up looking nothing like a YouTube star! Rinse and repeat.

Your Hair Is Always Dry


No, it’s not the weather. And it’s certainly not the humidity. But these things can make it worse. Your hair is naturally dry, and the texture is naturally rough.

People keep on giving you weird looks when you whip out some coconut oil from your purse while taking a stroll in the park.

But that’s okay. They’ll never understand your hair struggles anyway.

Washing your Hair is Basically Going to War

It takes 10 minutes to wash and shampoo your hair. That part is easy. It’s the drying that’s frustrating! If you air-dry it, it’ll take forever.

If you blow dry it, hello frizzy hair! So you dry it with a cotton t-shirt, which is the most effective way. But it also takes at least an hour to dry your hair. You can’t seem to win. Agghh!

Finding the Right Hair Salon is a Hassle

Going to a regular salon is a no-no. This is because you need a professional who understands how natural, curly hair works. You need someone who understands how Afro-Centric hair works.

You need an expert who knows how to work with your hair.

And that’s where we come in!

We’ll never let you deal with the problems mentioned above. That’s because we’re experts who deal in Afro-Centric hair care!

If you need to get your hair done or need an expert in Catonsville, Baltimore, who can help maintain your hair, feel free to book an appointment with us today!