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Are You Implementing These Summer Hair Care Tips in Your Beauty Regime?

Winters are over, and that means you no longer have to deal with frizzy hair, right? If only it worked that way!

Summers can be a truly magical experience, but they also come with a whole host of hair problems! Dry, brittle, and damaged hair is the bane of every person, no matter what your hair texture is like.

But before you let out a sigh and give up on attaining luscious, flawless hair, know that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Have you tried using these hair care tips in your summer beauty regime?

Condition Your Hair

Your hair needs a little bit of TLC during summers because of the heat and humidity. Conditioning your hair at least twice a week will get rid of impurities from your scalp and control the amount of oil your scalp produces.

While the natural oil your scalp produces is important, it can become problematic when your scalp produces it in excessive amounts.

Make sure to use a natural conditioner or one without parabens and chemicals. If you can’t find a conditioner for your natural curls, use coconut oil instead. Coconut oil can help prevent frizzy hair. It’ll also moisturize your locks and keep them safe from dryness.

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Reduce The Heat 

It goes without saying that if you want to beat the heat, it’s best to reduce it. It can be tempting to blow dry your hair because it gives your hair a beautiful finish. But at the end of the day, you’re exposing your roots to heat; that’ll only ensure that you end up with dry, brittle locks!

Instead, set your blow dryer to “cool.” Cold air doesn’t damage your hair and won’t make it frizzy.

Add Some Sunscreen, Sunshine!

Sounds odd, right? But this is a trick that most hairstylists recommend trying. After you’ve applied sunscreen to your skin, run your fingers through your hair. We’re so concerned about the sun’s UV rays affecting our skin that we forget about the damage they do to our hair!

Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

If you’re prone to knots in your hair, avoid brushing it. This’ll damage your hair. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle your hair and get rid of them!

Visit An Afro-Centric Hair Salon

To take care of your luscious natural curls, it’s best to consult an expert who has a good understanding of what to do.

We specialize only in Afro-Centric hair care and know exactly what your gorgeous hair needs! If you’re looking for a specialist that can style, wash, and blow-dry your hair, look no more.

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